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And now you’ve grown up
With this notion that you were to blame
And you seem so strong sometimes
But I know that you still feel the same
As that little girl who shined like an angel
Even after his lazy heart put you through hell

Don’t quit your daydream
Don’t forget to breathe
Who you want to be is only up to you
Sometimes you may crawl
Let them think that you’re small
Cause it’s so worth the fall when you land where you want to

"Even when you can’t imagine how
How you’re ever gonna find your way out
Even when you’re drowning in your doubt
Just look beyond the clouds.”

(via Beetroot and Feta Pancakes)



This is the day of eternal life




And who is better in speech than him who prayeth unto his Lord and doeth right, and saith: Lo! I am of those who are muslims

Surah Fussilat | Verse 33



Those who say, when afflicted with a calamity, "Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return." They are the ones upon whom are blessings from their Lord and mercy. And it is they who are rightly guided.

Al-Qur’an (2: 156,157)

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"This relationship had to end so that I could grow the man who could’ve handled it."
- anonymous quote

If life is a school, than love is the most important subject

There are different stages in our love lifetime: First we begin with short retrospective very childish and mostly platonic…


Will we take heed?


Submitted by:sassifest 

Crappy gif credit to me. I tried. 

haha solo funny ^^

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